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Client details

Laura Beatty

Laura Beatty

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Caroline Dawnay
Assistant: Sophie Scard
020 3214 0882
Laura Beatty lives in the middle of Salcey, one of the very few remaining medieval hunting forests in England. The forest, she says, has provided us with food, forage, fuel, materials for builing and transport -- yet it is also the place where we keep our bogeymen, where witches live, and where characters go in and 'come out wiser or sadder of dead or different'.

Laura Beatty is married with three children. POLLARD is her first work of fiction which won the Author's Club First Novel Award and was nominated for the 2009 Ondaatje Prize. 

Latest publication:

POLLARD, Chatto & Windus, 28 September 09
Pollard tells the story of Anne, a bag lady, seen in the town as one of the older one from 'la la land'. Lond ago, when she was fifteen, she ran away and made a life for herself along in the woods. It is Anne's narrative that the reader hears, as she builds a hut near a pollarded ash tree, and decorates it; as she watches the foxes and the deer, listens to the trees, marks the changing seasons, and learns to forage for berries and to snare rabbits. And it is Anne's powers of endurance that help her survive her first terrible winter and that carry her through the rites of passage of making a home, falling in love and longing to have a child.
POLLARD is a tour de force -- an astonishing first novel which is rough, tough and beautiful. Laura Beatty has a gift for empathy and for challengind the rader, as well as a remarkable understanding of the natural world. This is writing of the highest calibre.


`fierce and wonderful book ... This is just the sort of generous, provocative novel the Booker judges should cherish.' Olivia Lang, Observer
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Chatto & Windus
Biography of Henry VIII's third wife. For 10+
Chatto & Windus
Laura Beatty captures exactly the spirit of the age, and lifts the masks to reveal the real Lillie.
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