• See Sue Kelvin as Madam Morrible in WICKED West End
  • See DAYTONA in the West End's Haymarket Theatre from 28th June .......
  • OUTINGS by Thomas Hescott & Matthew Baldwin at Edinburgh Festival
  • Catch Clare-Hope Ashitey in SUSPECTS at 10pm on Channel 5
  • Selina Cartmell directs PUNK ROCK at Lyric Theatre, Belfast
  • Read Michael Simkins' THE RULES OF ACTING, out now in paperback
  • Read Harry Sidebottom's IRON AND RUST, out now in hardback
  • Gregory Clarke designs sound for MY NIGHT WITH REG at the Donmar
  • Douglas Dunn has won Queen Gold Medal for Poetry 2014
  • Rhys Jarman designs PLAY DOUGH for Unlimited Theatre at Edinburgh
  • Read Justin Cartwright's LION HEART, out now in paperback
  • James Perkins designs MOCK TUDOR at the Pleasance (Edinburgh)
  • Read THE ICEBERG a beautiful memoir by Marion Coutts, out in hardback
  • Gregory Clarke designs sound for MEDEA at the National Theatre

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Nicki Stoddart

nstoddart@unitedagents.co.uk+44 (0) 20 3214 0869

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